If your family is small, you can find an apartment/condo for rent. It’s a good deal too — I’ve been in a tiny studio for about two years and it’s still cheaper than an average one-bedroom apartment in the same neighborhood (I live near Sukhumvit so it’s not that far from the city — 40 min by subway ride).

If your family is big, it can be a challenge to find an apartment. A larger place will cost more money, but will have more space. If you have a large family, there are times when you get used to sharing everything and everyone becomes part of your family. You might also appreciate having more space or room to walk around.

But if you have lots of things that need keeping clean and tidy (like babies), having a bigger place may be overwhelming.here is the most popular places for living in Thailand.

Hua Hin

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations in the world for people looking to retire. With the country’s mild climate and scenic scenery, it’s easy to get away from it all and enjoy a slower pace of life with family and friends.

One of the best places in Thailand for retirees is Hua Hin, located near Pattaya. It’s also a popular destination for young families who are looking for an affordable place to settle down and raise their children.

Hua Hin is known for its vibrant nightlife, restaurants, shopping, and shopping centers. There are also several great beaches nearby, including Cha Am  Beach and Khao Takiab  Beach.

Thailand has a long history of attracting retirees looking for a quiet life with family. The country has plenty of locations to choose from when you’re deciding where to retire in Thailand; each location varies depending on what type of lifestyle you prefer.



Pattaya is the perfect place to spend your retirement years. The city is loaded with activities, great food and a vibrant nightlife. It’s also the ideal place for people who want to travel around the country, and it’s a fantastic base for those who want to do some sightseeing.

Whether you’re looking for a chilled out spot in Pattaya or an active city where you’ll be able to hit the town, this list of places in Thailand for retirees will help you find the perfect place for your needs.

Best Place To Retire In Thailand

1) Anantara Pattaya Hotel – Chalong Bay

This hotel offers private villas, tropical landscaping, dining and entertainment options that are sure to please everyone from seniors to young families.

2) Pattaya City Center

A shopping mall located in the heart of Pattaya – built in 1998 – this shopping centre has over 200 shops and boutiques that are home to many local brands. This is an excellent choice if you’re looking for stylish clothing and accessories as well as high-end electronics and household goods. You can also enjoy delicious Thai cuisine at some of the restaurants inside this shopping centre. If you’re looking for an affordable holiday destination, this is a good option if you want something that is definitely not super fancy but has everything you need to feel comfortable while travelling around Thailand.

3) The Pavilion Island Beach Resort & Spa – Chalong Bay Beach Resort & Spa

Anantara’s Chalong Bay Beach Resort & Spa has a range of amenities including free WiFi internet access, 24-hour room service and 24-hour housekeeping staff on duty at all times so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after yourself . They also offer private villas with either ocean views or mountain views . This is one of many wonderful resorts on which Anantara runs its resort chain . Across from Chalong Bay Beach Resort & Spa is another beach resort called The Pavillion Island Beach Resort & Spa , offering similar facilities as well as some additional facilities such as dog swimming pools , scuba diving sales and water sports such as surfing, fishing , kayaking etc.. These are all located within walking distance from each other so it’s really easy to access both resorts by taking public transportation (buses or tuk tuk ) or by walking through their respective resorts themselves .

Chang Mai

A lot of people don’t know that Thailand is a great place to live. The weather is nice, the climate is ideal for living, and the culture is quite relaxed. But there are a few things that you should know if you plan on moving to Thailand or want to teach English in the country.

A few things to keep in mind

1) The language spoken in Thailand is Thai; not English. Thai-English bilinguals don’t exist in any significant numbers, so it’s essential that you speak proper Thai before you move here.

 2) There are some cultural differences between Thais and foreigners like Americans and Europeans (many of whom speak English very well because they’re using it as their second language). You’re going to need to adjust your behavior when interacting with Thais on some level, so make sure you’re familiar with these rules:

a) Do not speak loudly or loudly raise your voice when talking to people from abroad.

b) Do not show any signs of impatience when waiting for someone from abroad.

c) Do not be rude or aggressive toward Thais who do not speak English, especially if they appear rude or aggressive toward other tourists or expats (who also may not speak English). 

3) It’s important that you learn about the local culture before you move here. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider spending time learning about the local history and customs on a short visit here; this might help prepare you for your stay in Thailand if it takes more time than just a day or two. 

4) There are some medical fees involved with moving here; these fees can be quite high (several hundred dollars per doctor per year). Make sure that all your medical needs will be met before moving here or else it might require some kind of special arrangement over time to pay for them while living in Thailand (this includes hospital care, prescriptions, dental care, etc.). 

5) Before undertaking any moves like these where there are health risks involved (e.g., moving into a foreign country where there’s an infectious disease outbreak), talk with your doctor beforehand about whether they think it’s worth it for you to take certain kinds of precautions during your move such as seeking extra screenings before starting a trip overseas; this will help ensure everything goes smoothly throughout your move and can help avoid unnecessary expenses later on down the road. 

6) You may be wondering “what happens if I get sick?”—doctors usually recommend that people stay away from hospitals


As a retiree, I have noticed that many people are still living in their day-to-day lives. There is always something going on with their family and friends. They are managing their finances and trying to maintain their homes.

I believe that in today’s world, we all need to be prepared for the future. Living in Thailand is not only a great experience; it is also a must when we want to move abroad.

When you move to Thailand, you don’t just get to live a life on the beach but also take part of it with you. Thais love nature and they know how important it is because they have been living in the countryside most of their life. A lot of Thais are moving away from the countryside as they can’t afford such a luxury anymore.

We have one thing for you: The best places to live! It will be interesting for you to read about your new home and the things that you can do here. You will find ladders, elevators, carpenters etc so beautiful that everyone will surely admire them! That is why we decided to help you with your next move by finding some very special places where you can retire while having fun!

Thailand’s culture has changed so much since 2006 (the year we started the site). We try our best to update this section as often as possible so please check back often!

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